Monday, May 7, 2007

Pride and panic

W has overcome his fear of swimming and now, in a fashion, can swim across the pool. We signed him up for an intensive 10-lesson program. In the first lesson he consented to putting his whole head underwater. By the third lesson he was "swimming" across the pool. I use quotation marks because he's still doing a modified, thrashing doggie paddle, with very audible bubble-blowing. It's pretty hysterical and mostly functional.

You know, I didn't cry when my kids started school. I didn't cry at the first sleepover. I cried when E learned to swim three years ago, and I cried last week when W did the same. (Also, I cried when E lost his first tooth, but I get the feeling that's more mainstream.)

Anyway, I am so thrilled and proud that W beat back his fear. However, he is now in the stage where he thinks he is more capable than he actually is. Which means, I think, that his potential for drowning has increased exponentially, at least for the next six months or a year. Bummer for me and my blood pressure.

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