Friday, May 4, 2007

Healthy breakfast - NOT

This morning when I got up I found W at the dining room table with 1) a bowl of milk and 2) an overflowing bowl of those ABC cookies from Costco that come in the huge barrel. Not sure how many had already gone down the hatch, but there were at least 50 in the bowl awaiting consumption. He was furious when I explained that one cannot eat so many cookies for breakfast and be a healthy person.

He is a kid who wants what he wants.

Query: If I let my kid eat cookies for breakfast, will the Mommy Police show up at my door?

On the other hand, he got it himself, instead of waking me up at 5am demanding food. Hmm, cookies for breakfast sound great!

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Elise said...

Ok here is my 3 cents worth. Are the cookies that much worse than all the sugar cereal I ate as a kid? Probably not. I wouldn't give them to him every morning but so what if he splurges once every few weeks. Life is too short not to eat dessert first. Way to go "W"