Thursday, May 24, 2007

For your listening pleasure

W, at five, is very picky about what we listen to while driving. He has his favorites among the kid CDs, but the passion of the moment is a five-song mini-album by The Naked Brothers Band, a group of grade-school boys with a show on Nickelodeon. Even I like that one. However, I like it much less after hearing it every day five or six times through. So sometimes I put my foot down, tell him it's my turn to choose, and try to sneak in some grownup music.

This morning, when it was definitely my turn to choose, we compromised on the radio, some classic-rock station. Classic rock seems to have evolved from Led Zeppelin and The Who to mainstream early 80s stuff. Fleetwood Mac. The Pretenders. At one point we heard Blondie.

And I would not have remembered that at all, except that W has been running around the house this afternoon singing, over and over again, "One way...or another...I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha...."

(In the right key, might I add.)

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