Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Santa Monica, the land of the eternal optimist

E's reaction to his school basketball team's loss to another local private school earlier this week:

"It was great! We only lost by 16 points! We held them to 18 points! [Do the math: This means they lost 18-2.] We lost by a lot less than our first game!"

Gotta give him credit for a great attitude.


Elise said...

Hi Erika!

I love your blog!!! My dad told me about it. You are such an entertaining writer and frankly I'm impressed by your mommy-ing skills. E and W sound darling. I think I'd especially get along with E. ;) Sorry I've been MIA for the past few years. I've been crabby ex-violinist. However, I'm loving being a sometimes violinist and violin teacher, so life provides in funny ways, I guess.

Well, anyway, good to know you in a different way now. Say hi to M for me, yeah?


Erika said...

Elise - it's great to hear from you, especially in this context. Who would have thought that a single, childless 20something would be entertained by the idle musings of a mom about her kids? I'm quite flattered.

So, crabby sometimes-violinist, will you deign to come over here and play some chamber music with us someday?

elise said...

hey erika! what is your email address?? or could you send me an email at