Friday, December 19, 2008

To TV or not to TV

Winter break starts today. Two weeks of not much planned. On purpose, because travel seemed unappealing at first and out of the question as of late. Other families seem to be staying home too, thus playdates, multi-family dinners, etc.

Here's the issue. How much screen time will it take to keep E and W occupied and satisfied without turning them into zombie monsters?

Our normal non-school-day limit is 90 minutes. I'm thinking that's a little thin for two weeks of non-school-days. Maybe we'll start with two hours and see how it goes. Add a little family movie time on a few afternoons. Let them have at the Wii (at least that's pseudo-exercise) at their whim. And see if we can buy ourselves some tranquility.

On the other hand, if the zombie monsters emerge, we can always cut 'em off cold. Oh yeah, that would make for a GREAT two weeks.

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