Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Smells like tween censorship

E, at almost 10, has just figured out that:
  1. I am writing blogs.
  2. He can read them.
  3. He can comment on them, both verbally and online.
  4. I'm probably not going to change what I'm writing much because of his comments.
This appears to be somewhat frustrating to him.

For example, he has a problem with curse words, both spoken and in print. I, however, am a grownup, and I will curse if I feel it is appropriate, both orally and in writing. He is having a problem dealing with this.

Now, given that most of the time I am writing about issues involving E and W, is it appropriate for me to ignore his input? Listen patiently and write anyway? Maintain some level of anonymity by not using their names? (Given that many of you reading this know me, that may not help much.)

I've explained that in general writers write about what they know, and a writer who's writing about parenting issues is going to write about her kids, period. I'm not sure how much this will help him over time. We'll see.

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